About Us

The Manta Fieldhouse is a newly renovated facility, which includes a 28,000 sq foot synthetic turf playing field with a 30 foot ceiling and full netting protection surrounding the playing area. The Main Field is over 60 yards long by 30 yards wide, providing an ideal area for baseball, softball, football, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and similar sports. Additionally, the Main Field can be split by nets into 3 separate fields approximately 7,500 sq feet each. The Main Field is ideal for youth leagues and/or clubs looking for multi team simultaneous practices. The Main Field also features 2 baseball/softball pitching/batting tunnels that are available for rental along with the Main Field.

Additionally, the Manta Fieldhouse also has the “Loft” available for rental. The Loft is a fully turfed mezzanine level overlooking the Main Field. The Loft is approximately 8 yard wide by 35 yards long and is home to Manta’s Speed and Agility Training Program, as well as youth and/or small group training, birthday parties or other private events. Within the main field are 2 baseball/softball pitching cages/lanes. These are only rentable to teams practicing on the main field. Live hitting on the main field is not allowed.

We offer:

  • Indoor Leagues for soccer, flag football, and lacrosse
  • Team practice packages for baseball, fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball, soccer, lacrosse, football, or any other ‘turf-based’ sport such as Frisbee, and Corn Hole
  • Team, small group, and individual sport-specific instruction available
  • General and sport-specific strength and conditioning training
  • All under cover from the weather