What are the indoor soccer features?

The Main Field area is over 60 yards long and 35 yards wide, making it one of the largest indoor soccer fields in the area. The Main Field is permanently lined for a full size indoor soccer field. There are no boards/walls. A variety of soccer goal sizes can be set up depending upon the training needs of a team/club. When the Main Field is divided into multiple 7,500 or 15,000 sq foot fields, the space becomes perfect for small sided games and/or clubs looking for multiple teams to train simultaneously.

What are the Softball and Baseball features?

A nearly full-size indoor diamond is the centerpiece of Manta Fieldhouse when configured for baseball/softball. Standard bases, available on site, are placed at whatever distance is needed for a team using the field. 2 batting/pitching cages are available for rental along with the Main Field. 2 L-Screens and batting tees are available. When the field is divided into multiple separate fully netted 7,500 sq foot fields, the field is ideal for clubs looking for small group and/or simultaneous practices for multiple teams.

What are the Lacrosse features?

Several field configurations are available for use by lacrosse teams: Full Field Team Practice Setup; Partial Field Team Practice Setup (2/3 field, 1/3 field); and 3 v 3 Lacrosse (“Chumash”) League Setup. Full Field – The Main Field has been lined to simulate the center section (lengthwise) of a full-sized lacrosse field, from mid-field strip to end-line beyond the goal. This allows enough space for a standard size ‘Attack area,’ with corresponding mid-field area. Full-size standard lacrosse goals are available. Partial Field (2/3 field, 1/3 field): The 60 X 35 yard indoor field can be sub-divided into either 2/3 or 1/3 field configuration by utilizing divider curtains. These smaller areas rent at substantially lower rates than the full field, and may represent a cost-effective practice solution for your team.

How many different field configurations are there?

The Main Field can be divided into 3 sections which can each be rented at a lower rate. The Main Field features 2 floor-to-ceiling net dividers. These segment the playing field into 3 equal-sized 110′ x 60′ sections. Likewise, the Main Field can be split into a 2 field configuration: A floor-to-ceiling net divider divides the Main Field into a 110’ x 120’ section and a smaller 110’ x 60’ section.

Is storage available for coaching/club equipment?

Yes. For coaches/clubs that do not wish to transport their balls, cones, goals, etc. to and from the facility each week, storage space is available for rental.

If I forget a ball for practice can I rent one at the Manta Fieldhouse?

Yes. Balls for soccer, lacrosse, baseball and softball are available for rental for practices if needed by players/coaches.

If I forget a water bottle, mouthguard, or other equipment, will these be available for purchase?

Yes. We have water bottles, mouth guards, shin guards, and other miscellaneous equipment available for purchase at the concession stand.



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